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Longboard Fuerteventura

Longboard Fuerteventura

longboard fuerteventuraHave you ever dreamed about learning to do carver skate or longboard in Fuerteventura's desert roads in the middle of volcanoes?


Our surf skate teacher will bring you in roads without cars, starting with no inclination, to get the confidence with the carver skate, and slowly pass to roads with some inclination to get some speed and get better with turns. He is the official importer of carver skates in Fuerteventura


Included in lesson price:

modern carver skates, and all the protections.

Duration: about 2,5/3 hours.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for prices and special classes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn a thrilling sport that you can do also in the cities or wherever you live! Surf the road with us!


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