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Corralejo Surf Safari

Corralejo Surf Safari

Brand new service for Fuerteventura Surf House! The Corralejo Surf Safari is the best choice to find the best spot for you!


For those surfers who have some experience in surfing (able to turn on the waves and have paddle resistence) there is the possibility to be brought around to the best spots of the day with transport included and get explained how and where to get in and out in that particular spot, rips and tide conditions.

We'll check what spot is the best that day for your level, not only around Corralejo, depending on the conditions we might go to the North shore, or west coast or to the east coast

Surf Safari Corralejo


The person in charge will surf with you but you will be responsible for yourself (you will have to sign a paper about it).


About 4 hours including the transport and spot selection, maximum 3 persons.


PRICES Corralejo Surf Safari:


40€ per person



Equipment not included, but rentable with 50% discount when doing a surf safari.