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Jetsurf Fuerteventura

Have you ever tried Jetsurf Fuerteventura ? Jetsurfing is a new way of surfing with a jet motor that you can easily control with a button in your hand, connected to the board.

Different boards are available, from beginner to advanced.
No surfing experience required. The instructor will come with you in the water, and explain you everything before.


  • 44€ for 25 minutes rental beginner board;
  • 89€ for 50 minutes for the carver advanced board (35km/h), or 54€ per person sharing the 50 minutes in 2 persons.

Wetsuit and lifejacket included.
Where: Waikiki beach, Corralejo.

Contact us for more questions, or check our Apartment in center Corralejo or our Surfhouse Lajares for your accommodation.