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Adaptive surf Fuerteventura

Adaptive surf Fuerteventura

The goal of the Adaptive Surf Fuerteventura program is summarized in three points:

  1. That people with psychic / physical difficulties, perform a leisure activity.
  2. Allow integration with normality and equal opportunities. Also developing a different therapeutic activity. The therapeutic activity is aimed at stimulating the aspects related to the body scheme: coordination, tonic-postural.
  3. Educate aspects of one's identity, self-concept, self-esteem, affectivity, etc.; as well as other aspects of psychosocial nature.


  • The general methodology used is based on:
    an organized psychomotor intervention (focused on the stimulation of tonic, coordinative, balance and body outline aspects appropriate to the participant's age and disability) with a learning and acquisition process of skills and abilities related to surfing, according to the characteristics and progressions of each one;
  • the application of specific educational techniques of adaptation and mediation that allow the understanding and realization of the activities, as well as the expression and self-determination of the participants in the program and in the physical and social environment;
  • the game and animation as a process in which learning is immersed.





3 DAYS € 210

5 DAYS 330 €

Ask us about apartments suitable for people with disabilities, or also look at our apartments on the ground floor: Apartment Corralejo or ocean view Apartment Corralejo