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Adaptive surf Fuerteventura

The goal of the Adaptive Surf Fuerteventura program is summarized in three points:

  1. That people with psychic / physical difficulties, perform a leisure activity.
  2. Allow integration with normality and equal opportunities. Also developing a different therapeutic activity. The therapeutic activity is aimed at stimulating the aspects related to the body scheme: coordination, tonic-postural.
  3. Educate aspects of one's identity, self-concept, self-esteem, affectivity, etc.; as well as other aspects of psychosocial nature.


  • The general methodology used is based on:
    an organized psychomotor intervention (focused on the stimulation of tonic, coordinative, balance and body outline aspects appropriate to the participant's age and disability) with a learning and acquisition process of skills and abilities related to surfing, according to the characteristics and progressions of each one;
  • the application of specific educational techniques of adaptation and mediation that allow the understanding and realization of the activities, as well as the expression and self-determination of the participants in the program and in the physical and social environment;
  • the game and animation as a process in which learning is immersed.





3 DAYS € 210

5 DAYS 330 €

Ask us about apartments suitable for people with disabilities, or also look at our apartments on the ground floor: Apartment Corralejo or ocean view Apartment Corralejo

Best beaches of Fuerteventura Tour

Would you like to have a local guide that checks the best weather and tide conditions ? Chose the Best beaches of Fuerteventura Tour!

Some lagoons only exist with the right tide, and with this service you don’t have to worry about transportation or wrong conditions.
Try our Fuerteventura best beaches tour:
Playa la concha de el Cotillo + los lagos del Cotillo, about 4 hours
Playa Sotavento about 7 hours excursion
Grandes Playas and the dunes, about 3 hours
We are flexible with hours, we will try to adjust to your needs
Contact us to know the prices

Volcano Hiking Fuerteventura

In Fuerteventura there are a lot of ancient volcanoes where it is possible to go hiking, most of them are quite easy to be explored and don’t need any special equipment (normal walking shoes are ok). Choose our Volcano Hiking Fuerteventura experience!

The landscapes on top are vey spectacular, and sometimes you can also have nice a nice surprise in meeting a lot of squirrels.
Discover incredible panoramas of the north shore, the sand dunes, the blue water of the ocean and the islands of Los Lobos and Lanzarote while hiking the volcanoes!
For every level, total heights between 250m  and 300m, approximate time 1 hour to go up and 1 hour to come down again.
Transport included.

volcano hiking2

Learn Spanish in Fuerteventura

Enjoy our fantastic island and Learn Spanish in Fuerteventura! Contact us to book your course!


The Spanish “Intensive 15” group course consists of 3 lectures per day of 40 minutes each from Monday until Friday, so about 2 hours per day 5 times a week.
We make different groups according to the level, with a maximum of 6 students per classroom.
In this course every student will enhance and improve their communication, through group work and individual skills. The teacher will personally attend each student’s needs; exercises, hand-outs and games show the personal success of each student ensuring the students’ language skills evolve naturally.

In the school, you have also the option to take private lessons with a personal teacher, a way to evolve much faster and start speaking Spanish sooner! So if you are determined to learn Spanish, our highly experienced teachers will guide you to reach the goal of speaking Spanish.
The  intensive course includes the the pre-course level test, all course materials, our program of social and cultural activities  and access to all the school’s facilities, including free Internet usage.

We will fit your program of the day in the best way, so you will be able to enjoy your watersport sessions or simply get some free time to chill out!

Contact us for more information about how to Learn Spanish in Fuerteventura! Hasta luego!

This course can be combined with Surf Course Fuerteventura, Kitesurf Course Fuerteventura, Windsurf Course Fuerteventura

Learn Spanish in Fuerteventura